10 Mistakes every girl makes in her twenties

The Show

Rachel Shorer made a lot of mistakes in her twenties. Career, friendships, social life, sex - there wasn’t really any part of her life which she wasn’t fucking up. But she was fine. Seriously. Fine. 10 Mistakes Every Girl Makes in Her Twenties is an intimate, darkly humorous evening of poetry and conversation about missteps, misjudgements and being wrong. It sounds a bit scary, but don’t worry, there’ll be wine.


When is the show being performed? 

Whatever date Rachel and a host agree on. You can see Rachel's availablity by clicking the calendar link at the bottom of this page.

Where is the show being performed?

Wherever someone has a living room to offer! If you'd like to see the show, invite Rachel round to yours and she'll come and perform it. If you haven't got a suitable living room but would like to host a show, drop Rachel an email: hello@rachelshorer.com

and she'll try her best to make it happen!

How big does the living room need to be? 

An ideal audience size is 10 people, (minimum of 8, maximum 20) so your living room should be able to hold that many people, with a little bit more space for Rachel to stand up and move around in.

Are there any special requirements the living room needs to meet? 

Nope. Not even a ‘stage’ area. Just enough room to seat all your guests, plus a little bit of wiggle room for Rachel to move around in. (A TV with a HDMI input is a bonus, but not essential.)

How long is the show? 

About an hour.

Who is the show suitable for? 

The show contains explicit sexual content and frequent use of strong language and is suitable for audience members over 16 years old. Rachel welcomes audience members of all genders but is particularly interested in working with groups of women.

How does the money side of things work? 

Like a more traditional show, tickets for each event are made available through a private Eventbrite link which will be shared with hosts’ guests. Contact Rachel: hello@rachelshorer.com for more information.

Can I see a video of the show? 

Not yet (coming soon!) but you can see Rachel performing poetry here, and read about previous performances of the show here.

Want to know where the show's going? 

Planning to host a show and want to check what dates are available?

Take a look at the tour calendar: